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Bromsgrove Community Leisure Ltd, established in 2014, is a not for profit social enterprise company. It was established for the benefit of the community in Bromsgrove. As of 1st August 2014, it took over the sports and leisure facilities of Altered Images. Our overriding philosophy is the social provision of sports and leisure for all members of the community, in a bid to get more people more active, more often from all walks of life.

Bromsgrove Community Leisure Ltd., which trades as Altered Images, is focussed on the local community. It aims to provide a high quality health & fitness service for people of all ages, and abilities, can participate. The goal is to create a relaxed, supportive and friendly atmosphere, at an affordable price point.


Altered Images Bromsgrove

Altered Images Bromsgrove promotes and supports the principles of staying fit and healthy. We work with a variety of partners to achieve these goals, providing everything the people of Bromsgrove need to live healthy. We also engage with our members to cultivate a ?Volunteer Ethos?. As part of this, members give freely of their time to assist and support more vulnerable and less able users of the club. It also provide the opportunity to welcome them into the Altered Images family. As well as, helping these people to gain the benefits of improved health that exercise can bring to everyone.

Our staff and trustees are passionate about the facilities we manage. As a result, we are fully committed to developing and investing in our loyal team of employees. This helps to ensure a bright future for this much loved sports facility, which has been a feature of Bromsgrove for nearly 40 years.

?When a family member recently became very ill, I wouldn?t have coped without the support from friends I?ve made at the gym. It has been my sanctuary and members and staff have been so kind?


A Wealth of Experience

At Altered Images we have a wealth of experience, skills and knowledge to help make you feel fitter, stronger and healthier than ever before! The added bonus to all this is that you feel happier and more confident too.

We?ll guide and support you as you learn the principles of managing your weight. Most importantly, we?ll be there alongside you to help you on your journey to weight loss success, vibrant healthy living, to being pain-free and enjoying the things you love to do.

Here?s what some of our satisfied members say:

“I?m delighted with my weight loss and at last my friends have started to notice ? its great!”
Margaret ? Bromsgrove

“The help I received got me back on track. I recommend Altered Images if you have a health concern like I did with my knee.”
Angela ? Bromsgrove

Making Bromsgrove People Healthier

Our focus is to make the local population healthier, happier and fitter so they can enjoy a vibrant, fulfilling, healthy life. We have everything that?s needed to do this right here…
So when would you like to join us on that journey?

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