Looking After Your Mental Health | Habits To Improve Mental Health

There are many habits to improve mental health.?You will probably have heard of plenty. However, during this period of self-isolation, here at Altered Images we would like to remind you of a few of the many ways you can keep positive.

However, whether you are a regular gym-goer or not, self-isolating can make us feel quite restless from time to time. In fact, isolating yourself away from your normal routine, friends, family, and work life can actually have a negative impact on your mental health. Here at Altered Images gym in Bromsgrove, we are all about promoting the importance of mental health just as much as physical health. Moreso, we love to help others recognise that mental health and exercise really can go hand in hand. Before we learn some?habits to improve mental health though, let’s take a look at how these negative emotions occur in the first place.

Stress – how does it work?

Stress is actually a useful function for us humans. Imagine being stalked by a predator. Your heart rate rapidly elevates, your senses and perception heighten, and blood flow increases to the muscles. These prioritises power, speed, and strength over all of your bodily functions. We call ?fight or flight?. You are being given the best chance of survival by inducing acute stress. ?The stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are being pumped around the body and peak physical performance is underway. Once you are safe , the acute stress subsides and the stress hormones settle down but only after a bout of intense exercise.

Why do we stress?

Chronic stress, can often lead to anxiety and depression. Chronic stress, a different beast to acute stress, is one of the biggest risk factors today for both your physical and mental health. Nearly a third of the UK?s population suffer from depression. Many more contend with anxiety and stress-related health problems. Therefore, there?s certainly cause to look deeper into how these problems can be prevented. As a highly developed country, many of our social and technological advances can also lead to stress-inducing scenarios. These constant worries and concerns, whether it is your job, your personal relationships, family bereavements or your finances, can often develop into chronic stress if not managed correctly.

Creating a happier headspace

If you are finding these troubled times getting the better of your headspace, it’s time to imbed some new activities into your routine.?

1) Exercise – either intense 3 times a week or moderate/ easier exercise 5-6 times a week. Exercising is one of the best habits that you can take up to improve your mental health. Either go for a run/brisk walk an hour a day, or find some workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home. Many fitness experts are producing work out videos online currently. If you have been attending our fitness classes of personal trainer sessions, you may also be able to incorporate some of these techniques into your fitness regime too. Exercising is fantastic for mental wellbeing – try completing your workout in the morning to get your day off to a good start!?


2) Meditation – The more the better, from once a week to every day.?By taking some time out to meditate, you can give your mind a rest. You can gain clarity on certain situations, look at things from a different perspective, and reduce any built-up stress.


3) Relationships with friends and family – Form and maintain personal relationships where you can talk, be heard and listen. This creates strong bonds – something we all need for our mental wellbeing. Not living with family and therefore isolated away from them? Be sure to call a family member at least once a day.


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Make 2020 The Year To Get In Shape With Altered Images Fitness Trainers

Working out with a fitness trainer is a great way to kick start 2020. Now Christmas is over, some of us will be faced with that familiar urge to embrace a healthier lifestyle this year. So, what better way to do that than with the support of an experienced and fully qualified fitness instructor. At Altered Images gym, we have a team of fitness trainers who are ready to dedicate their time to help you reach those all-important health and fitness goals. Our gym in Bromsgrove offers new, innovative and exciting opportunities to keep fit and enjoy yourself whilst doing so. We understand that every individual will have different preferences when it comes to exercise which is why we aim to be as versatile and as flexible as we can with our services ? so that we can offer something for everyone.

Our Fitness Trainers at Altered Images

Every fitness trainer who works with us here at Altered Images shares our passion for health and fitness. Our fully trained professionals are experienced with training people of all ages and abilities. Therefore, rest assured you will receive however much support you require to reach your goals.

Meet Laura Caswell ? one of our fitness trainersFitness Trainer Laura Caswell

Laura Caswell is one of our top fitness instructors. She is a fitness enthusiast who decided to turn her passions and hobbies into a lifelong career. Laura has always been into fitness. However, after having children she took some time off from her own gym routine. In 2014 she was getting married, so Laura began focusing on health and fitness again and realised she?d forgotten how much she missed training. She decided then that she didn?t just want to do it as a hobby, but as a career too. Since completing her fitness instructor qualifications, Laura hasn?t looked back and we are proud to have her as part of the team at Altered Images gym. Laura loves helping people reach their goals and runs a series of different fitness classes to help people achieve this.

Exercise Classes in Bromsgrove

There are over fifty different exercise classes at Altered Images. Our experienced fitness instructors in Bromsgrove run all of these. Laura runs Kettlebell-Fit, Cardio Pump, Metafit, Boxercise and Aqua classes, and she?ll happily guide you through at your own pace until you feel comfortable and confident in what you are doing. Our fitness classes are created for everyone to enjoy. This means whether you are just starting out, or you are an experienced gym-goer, you will fit right in.?

Contact Altered Images today

Are you interested in kickstarting your year with new health and fitness plans? If so, contact Altered Images gym today. Head to our website for more information on our fitness classes services, or call 01527 874395 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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Move Your 2020 Fitness Journey Forward With Altered Images Gym

Improving push ups is something that many people aim to do when joining the gym or embarking on a fitness journey. In fact, push ups can be one of the trickiest workouts to master. Our team of fitness instructors are ready to offer you any support you need to achieve your fitness goals.?Mastering the push-up is easy when you say goodbye to these common technique issues.


Push-Ups technique

ISSUE #1: The Rocker

We were often taught to do push-ups on our knees with their feet up in the air when we were younger. This has carried over into adulthood for some. It?s taught this way because the lower leg is thought to act as a counter-balance to the upper body (think of a see-saw!). This makes the push-up a little bit easier. But, there are two big reasons why you should lose this habit immediately.

  • Firstly, the distribution of mass in our bodies is such that the mass of the lower leg is tiny compared to the mass of the upper body. Imagine an adult on a see-saw with a child – it?s not going anywhere!?In exchange for the small gain of the counterbalance effect, you?re essentially grinding your knees into the floor. The rocking effect requires the knee joint to act as a fulcrum on the floor. The patella, or knee cap, is floating in front of the joint. So, as we rock on the knee, it gets mashed around. This can cause discomfort and possibly pain.


  • Having your knees as the only two points of contact on the floor can make you unstable. If you?re working to try to get stronger in the push-up, this instability can take your focus away from the pushing motion, instead you are simply concentrating on not falling over. When this happens you?re no longer isolating the push muscles and it makes it that much harder to get stronger.

Here?s the solution: Improving push ups starts with placing your toes solidly on the floor.?With your toes on the floor, your tibial tuberosity (the head of the bone in your lower leg) will make contact with the floor rather than the patella. The four points of contact (knees and toes) make your body more stable. Then, you can focus on isolating the arms and chest.


ISSUE #2: The T

Another way to improve your push ups is ensuring you have the best form. When most people think of a push-up position, they think of the capital letter T. This is when the arms are out wide and even with the shoulders.

In this position, the motion is outside of the line of action of the pectoral muscles. The anterior deltoid and muscles of the shoulder become the primary movers. Since the shoulder muscles are relatively weaker when compared to the pectorals, the force generated is less. So if you choose to do push-ups in the T position, you may struggle to do push-ups on your toes, or simply tire sooner.

Instead of thinking of a T, it?s a good idea to replicate a position that?s closer to an arrow shape.

When your arms are in this position the hands are in line with the center of the chest and the motion is within the line of action of the pectorals. This allows the bigger chest muscles to take over and the shoulder muscles are used for stabilization.?When the larger chest muscles are recruited, it is easier to do the push-up on your toes and it takes longer to fatigue.


ISSUE #3: The Eccentric

If you?re still struggling to do push-ups on your toes, give this one last thing a try. Start in a plank position with your knees off the floor and lower yourself down into the push-up. Drop your knees to the floor and push yourself back up until your arms are extended. Lift your knees and repeat.

Why does this work? It takes advantage of a well-known training principle: your muscles are stronger while they are extending (eccentric) than they are while they?re contracting (concentric). Training the eccentric phase of a movement is called ?negative? training. It is used to build strength once you?ve hit a plateau using traditional techniques. If you follow this approach, over time you will get stronger and develop confidence in your ability to do the push-up. After a while, you?ll be able to mix in a few full on-the-toe push-ups.

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Moving your fitness journey forward

Your goals are our goals here at Altered Images gym – whether it is improving push ups, meeting running goals, or gaining muscular strength. Our personal trainers and fitness instructors really do go the extra mile to help you hit your targets. You’ll find all of the right equipment at our gym in Bromsgrove. We cater to all abilities, ages, fitness levels, and experience. Most importantly, our fitness support is expertly tailored around your goals and fitness levels.

Our team of helpful personal trainers will ensure that you are using the right techniques during your training sessions. They are also on hand to offer advice on workouts – including ways to improve press ups. If you would like to know more about our facilities and personal training sessions please don’t hesitate to visit our website or give us a call on?01527 874395.

Hot Yoga Bromsgrove

Our Hot Yoga Bromsgrove classes consist of a simple Yoga practise taught in a hot environment. Including Yoga postures and sequences with a strong focus on breath and alignment.

Starting in March we will be offering 30 minute classes for participants to acclimatise, and 60 minute classes for those who are acclimatised, with the studio heated to approximately 35 degrees.

Practising Yoga in the heat has many benefits:

  • Facilitates muscles and joints opening more deeply than regular Yoga classes.
  • Can burn up to 50% more calories than a typical Yoga class and can reduce body fat.
  • Improves flexibility, strength and balance.
  • Reduces risk of heart disease and regulates metabolism.
  • Reduces stress and anxiety, improves mood.
  • Cleanses impurities from the body.
  • Boosts the immune system.
  • Improves skin health and complexion.
  • Calms the mind and can improve sleep.



Participants must hydrate before, during and after the class.

Please bring a towel and water bottle.

Please wear lightweight fabrics.

Hot Yoga is suitable for beginners.

Not suitable for pregnant women or under 18?s.

If you are looking hot yoga in Bromsgrove then look no further than Altered Images. Call us on?01527 874395 today to find out more.

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Looking for HIIT Classes Near Me?

If you are finding yourself Googling ?HIIT classes near me? then look no further than Altered Images Gym. We provide a wide range of fitness classes in Bromsgrove, including HIIT classes. As a gym that is passionate about welcoming as many people as possible, we also have a dedicated ladies only gym too. Altered Images Gym in Bromsgrove is perfect if you are looking for a gym with a great atmosphere, committed staff, and passionate gym-goers.?


HIIT classes near me – getting started

After finding ?HIIT classes near me? you may now be wondering how to get started. Before writing a program for a member, one of our trainers will always ask what you want to achieve as a result of the program. We?ll also take note of how many times a week you can get to the gym.?


Bespoke training plans

We provide a precise program for our members as well as making sure they are exercising with the correct form, method and effort level. A great start, fast forward 6 weeks to the program review and we will re-take any measurements taken on the initial ‘Health check’ but also the trainer will ask;

  1. How are we getting on?
  2. Is this working for you?
  3. Should we adapt or change anything on your program?
  4. Are you moving towards your goals?


Why choose HIIT classes?

Now no matter how good the trainer is, not 100% of members can their fitness goals. The number 1 reason for this? Time! You may have had a plan of coming 3 to 4 times a week but time and life in general can get the better of you. The solution for this is high intensity interval training, otherwise known as H.I.I.T. You only need about ten minutes, and most of that is warming up, resting and cooling down. Sound good? Okay so let’s explain precisely what it is and how it works.


How do HIIT workouts work in comparison to other workouts?

  1. You have continuous cardiovascular training where you’d be on your machine, let’s say a bike, pedaling at a pace that you can maintain for a long period of time whilst gradually tiring yourself out.
  2. Then there is interval training, here instead of cycling at a steady pace you might take a moderate minute working slightly less hard but then a faster minute pushing yourself harder. You might repeat this cycle for 20 to 30 minutes.
  3. Finally let’s look at H.I.I.T. Again, for comparison, imagine you’re on the bike once more, this time we want a stark contrast between the slow period and the working period. The slow period wants to be more like rest, just make sure your legs are still turning, this period could typically be 40 seconds to 120 seconds. Then the working period is your maximum effort, every single last drop of energy and power in your body explosively peddling on a high gear for 20 seconds. You’d only repeat this cycle a maximum of 6 times, if managed 6 intervals well done, now consider making it harder by increasing the gear rather than pushing to do more intervals. if you can manage more than 6, 20 second maximum effort bursts, consider if it were truly your maximum effort, do you need to up the ante?


HIIT – the benefits

The fitter you get the harder it becomes, because you can push harder. This is why this type of training is different. The purpose of the extended recovery interval is to allow the muscles to recuperate just enough to enable them to perform the high octane and explosive power necessary to achieve the desired effect.


Time saving workouts

  1. H.I.I.T. burns 6 time the amount of calories when compared to steady state, continuous cardio. Great, what else?
  2. H.I.I.T. will elevate your metabolism for 24 hrs, maybe more, who doesn’t want to be burning more calories while they sleep!?
  3. H.I.I.T. will increase muscle tone and strength, the bonus here is that every pound of muscle you gain, you’re effectively adding 50 calories to your resting metabolism.
  4. H.I.I.T. will increase the intensity of exercise you can sustain for longer periods of time. For example you might be able to run a 3km race and sustain an effort level of 80% of your maximum heart rate (80 % MHR), currently if you push up to 85% MHR you’d have to stop and walk after a minute or two. there is evidence that regular H.I.I.T. will help you sustain higher effort levels for longer.
  5. H.I.I.T. will reduce your heart rate and blood pressure by increasing your cardiovascular fitness.

When performing H.I.I.T. it is especially important to have a cool down phase, a few minutes of easy exercise until you’re heart rate has reduced its BPM. So once you finish your last interval, keep moving but reduce the difficulty level and speed.?


HIIT in Bromsgrove

At Altered Images gym in Bromsgrove we want to help you achieve your fitness goals. Call us today to arrange a visit on 01527 874395. To find out more about HIIT classes near me, or any other exercise classes in Bromsgrove then head to our website today.?

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Yoga in Bromsgrove | Yoga Classes at Altered Images

Looking for yoga in Bromsgrove??We offer many different exercise classes at Altered Images, including yoga classes. Our gym was established in 2014, and is dedicated to providing health and fitness services. We support all members of the community, of all ages and abilities. We are focused on promoting and supporting the principles of staying fit and healthy. Additionally, we’re always looking for new ways for you to achieve this. Our aim is to offer a quality sports and leisure service that those of all ages and abilities can take advantage of. We take pride in offering these services at extremely affordable prices.

The Importance of Exercise ? Beyond the Physical Benefits

As most of us will know, exercise is important for physical health. Ensuring you stay fit throughout all the stages of your life has been proven to increase your lifespan. It also reduces the amount of health problems that can occur as you get older. Exercising regularly keeps your heart and other muscles in good shape and helps to keep you at a healthy weight. However, in addition to the physical benefits that a workout can give your body, it can improve mental health too.

Exercising helps to release endorphins – sometimes known as ?feel-good? hormones. These reduce the perception of pain and trigger feelings of happiness and euphoria. This is especially beneficial for those who are suffering from anxiety, depression or confidence issues. Regular exercise has been proven to improve your mood, reduce fatigue and increase your energy levels.

Exercise Classes at Altered Images

Our gym focuses on getting everyone from all walks of life active, healthy and enjoying fitness. We strive to create a positive, relaxing and friendly environment that you can exercise in. Our team are incredibly supportive and approachable. We work with a wide variety of fitness professionals so that we can appeal to everyone. They help us to offer services and facilities that are tailored to an all-manner of ages and abilities. You can socialise and build confidence with our yoga classes. At the same time, you can benefit from being trained by a professional. We’ve got lots of classes on offer – including yoga classes, pilates, circuits, spinning, Kettlercise and high impact training. You’ll be sure to find something that you’ll enjoy with over fifty classes to choose from.


Yoga in Bromsgrove

If you are looking to take part in yoga in Bromsgrove, then look no further than Altered Images.?You can improve and enhance both your mental and physical health with Yin Yoga. We’ll take you through some simple yoga poses during the class. Our instructors will guide you through the breathing control and body strengthening methods. Also, we’ll be working out with a calming soundtrack in the background. Yoga classes can help to reduce stress levels and improve mental well-being. If you’re looking to try something different, we also have Hot yoga classes too.

Contact us Today

So, if you’re looking for ‘yoga classes near me’, and would like to find out more about yoga in Bromsgrove, then head to our website today. Alternatively, you can call 01527 874395 to speak to a member of our team.

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Free Weights Gym | Altered Images Gym in Bromsgrove

Looking for a free weights gym??Not only does our free weights gym in Bromsgrove look great; it’s great for your body too. Free weights exercises are incredibly beneficial which is why we’ve invested plenty of money into our equipment.

When it comes to working out with free weights, it’s important you know exactly what you are doing. With this in mind, our team of Bromsgrove fitness trainers are here to offer you expert fitness support throughout your entire training regime.?

Why should you go to a free weights gym?

Going to a free weights gym provides many different benefits. Free weight workout routines can vary and can cater to those of all fitness levels.

The benefits of free weights include:

  • Improving balance –?using free weights can massively improve your balance and decrease any imbalance issues you may have. You can target specific balance problems by using the weights on certain parts/sides of your body. Free weights allow you to be able to load both sides of the body equally too.
  • Strength gains – by decreasing imbalances, any weak sides to the body can grow stronger. As free weights require more control and balance when using them, muscles can gain more strength faster.
  • Prevents injury?– exercising with free weights helps to stabilise your muscles. Muscles play a vital tole in keeping joints in place and supporting the overall body. Therefore, keeping them strong helps to prevent injuries.


Free weights equipment in Bromsgrove

At our free weights gym in Bromsgrove, we have plenty of safe and high quality equipment to support your fitness goals. Some of the equipment includes:

  • Steel dumbbells up to 50KG
  • Fixed barbells from 15KG to 50KG stored on a rotating carousel for member convenience
  • 1500KG of new weight plates
  • 500KG of new Bumper plates
  • Olympic Barbells
  • A variety barbells in different shape and sizes
  • Shock absorbing floor with mirrors and LED colour themed lighting
  • Olympic lifting zone
  • Over 10 weight machines?
  • Decline abs bench, decline dumbbell bench, Pakulski bench, sissy-squat stand, plus two regular adjustable benches


free weights gym 2

Altered Images Gym

Our design here at Altered Images is open and spacious. This enables more freedom with compound & functional exercises using the dumbbells and barbells, cable machines, and body weight exercises. Our new Watson plate loaded machines enable you to work with you body’s natural plane of movement to maximise muscle contractions during your workout.


Call us Today

If you would like to know more about our free weights gym, head to our website today. Or, call 01527 874395 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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Smash your running goals with a Worcestershire personal trainer

If you are looking to smash those running goals even more, you may wish to consider a Worcestershire personal trainer.

About Altered Images

Here at Altered Images gym in Bromsgrove, we are proud to be a gym that caters for all. We strive to be a gym that can facilitate people of all fitness levels, and with our personal trainers, we can create bespoke fitness plans that are perfect for your goals. Our gym itself is also incredibly accommodating too – in fact, we even have a ladies-only gym area, for women looking to train in a comfortable environment that is exclusive to women only.

The benefits of a Worcestershire personal trainer

So, why should you consider a personal trainer in Worcestershire? If you join our Bromsgrove gym, you’ll be guaranteed a welcoming, enjoyable and fulfilling experience every single time. Our fitness trainers are incredibly experienced and skilled in what they do. So, you can rest assured that your fitness goals are in capable hands. We treat every gym-goer individually, which means that every fitness plan is specially tailored to your own goals, fitness levels, and capabilities. However, this doesn’t mean to say that we won’t push you that little bit harder. If we think you’re capable of smashing a goal, we’ll put our all into ensuring you do just that.

Sometimes, a personal trainer can provide you with that extra push you need to carry on running. With our personal training programmes, you’ll be able to see your goals and targets every time. However, you’ll also be given plenty of recognition too with each and every achievement you make with us. Your goals are our goals too. So, you can be sure we’ll do our very best to get the best performance out of you, and we’ll do that together.

How to smash running goals

We know that even the most avid runners don?t want to be pounding the pavement around the clock. We also know that that’s not the best way to max results.?Running is a cardiovascular activity, so it provides all the benefits of endurance exercise. These benefits include reducing blood pressure, total cholesterol, LDL cholesterol, triglycerides, fasting glucose, and body fat. At the same time, elevating oxygen consumption and HDL cholesterol.?But, if you?ve got a specific goal in mind, simply going for the odd run won?t cut it.

Dr Jinger Gottschall, Associate Professor of Kinesiology, says there are four key reasons why a training plan will help you achieve your running goals.

  • A plan makes it easy, there?s less guesswork about what to do each week
  • You can feel confident that you will be prepared for the race distance
  • Well-planned conservative increases in distance/intensity will reduce injury risk
  • You?ll stay motivated, knowing that you are able to successfully complete each week

Join Altered Images Gym Bromsgrove today

At Altered Images Gym we’ll provide you with a Worcestershire personal trainer who will design you a bespoke training plan. Our fitness plan will be tailored to suit your goals and preferred training styles. If you are looking for a gym in the Bromsgrove area please don’t hesitate to give us a call and we can arrange to show you around our facilities including our popular ladies only gym.

For more information on personal trainers in Bromsgrove, head to our website today. Or, call 01527 874395 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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Why you probably should be weight lifting, no matter what your age.

With the rise of the super fit 60’s this decade we have learnt that getting old isn’t an excuse to not lift, it’s the reason you should be lifting. Unfortunately as you age, your bodies anabolic hormones decrease, these hormones amongst other things are responsible for muscle growth and repair. With decreased muscle your body will suffer, age and become less capable. A dangerous cycle can occur an attitude of “I’m too old for this” leading to doing less activity and the body becoming a little weaker. Fortunately this is completely combatable, lifting weights increases these anabolic hormones, directly combating one of the main side effects of ageing. No matter what your age you can still progress, get fitter, stronger and healthier, however those with an inactive lifestyle, will gradually degenerate.

Some other benefits Include:

  • Improving posture/ maintaining posture/ preventing future posture degeneration
  • Effective way to burn energy and increase your burn whilst resting for the next 48 hours
  • Prevent future fat storage by increasing your metabolism and increased probability of storing glycogen in muscles rather than fat cells.
  • Fighting osteoporosis. Your bones, like your muscles will adapt to the physical stress of weight lifting
  • Improve heart health by strengthening your heart and decreasing blood pressure.
  • Move easily and fluently. Most people won’t move their body through the range of motion it’s capable of and on the limited movements they do perform, the wrong muscles are being used. Weight training is like teaching your body how to move properly again whilst using the correct muscles.
  • Stabilize blood sugar and reduce risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Prevent back pain. With strengthened core and glute muscles, comes a well supported back.
  • Superior balance. Whilst exercising functionally with resistance you will also increase the strength of your ‘stabilizer’ muscles. Handy for sports or simply just regaining confidence on your feet.


“But I don’t want big bulky muscles”. Don’t worry you won’t get big bulky muscles by accident, weight lifters with this objective have to consume ridiculous amounts of protein, take all sorts of supplements, lift in a specific manor 5-6 times a week and carry on with this for years and years to get big and bulky. The only aesthetic side effect of weight lifting is usually just a toned and lean body.

Also on a side note ,it has been widely known for a while now that exercise in general is good for your mental health, we have even written a blog ourselves about the reasons behind this. This latest research paper however is the first to link resistance training to overcoming depression. The review covered 33 clinical trials which included nearly 2000 participants. Interestingly people with the most severe depression often benefited the most. It’s also worth noting that people benefited from superior progress when training in supervised workouts. The researches argue that this exercise is good for everyone and also likely staves off depression so regular weight trainers may never see problems in this area.


At Altered Images we want to help you reach your healthy lifestyle goals, call us today on?01527 874395.

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Join in our Les Mills Barre free taster classes!

Monday 4th Mar 12pm & 5.45pm? |? Tuesday 5th Mar 10am? |? Saturday 9th Mar 11.15am – All 30 minute sessions with Vicki Morgan!

Les Mills Barre Classes in Bromsgrove

LES MILLS BARRE? is a modern version of classic balletic training; a 30-minute workout designed to shape and tone postural muscles, build core strength, and allow you to escape the everyday. Incorporating classic ballet positions, with modern music, LES MILLS BARRE is a combination of cardio and strength with high reps of small range-of-motion movements and very light weights.

If you’re seeking a different style of training or a new kind of self-expression, you will love LES MILLS BARRE. Without the traditional barre to support you, the muscles supporting your body?s stability and strength becomes the focus. It may look beautiful, but don?t underestimate the burn.

Give us a call to book your spot

So if you are looking for a Les Mills Barre class in Bromsgrove then look no further, give us a call today and we can book your place in our taster classes. Call Altered Images Gym and Spa on 01527 874395.

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