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Can’t lose that stubborn fat? Unlock your fat burning potential now

Did you know that there is another major factor to weight loss other than exercise and nutrition but equally important?   Getting quality sleep is as important as exercise when it come to fat loss. If you have standby lights on in your bedroom, watch TV in bed or use mobile devices before bed, the chances are you won't be getting your restorative sleep required for fat loss. Any lights, particularly the white light omitted from mobile phon

read more  15Aug 2018 Categories:weight loss

Why Should I Run?

Just a few good reasons you might start to LOVE running! Helps reduce the risk of osteoporosis later in life

read more  07Jul 2018 Categories:running

What Wine Can I Drink?

When I talk to people about their weekly Food Diary (such a simple, yet immensely powerful tool we use for Weight Loss Succe

read more  21Jun 2018 Categories:weight loss

Running can be Fun

Anyone and everyone can start running, all you need is something comfortable to run in and a pair of trainers with cushioning!   Selecting the right trainers doesn't need to cost a fortune but it is a good idea to go and have your gait read; this will determine what running style you have and therefore which trainers are best for you to avoid injury. The best way to start is to walk first and gradually build up to a run/walk.

read more  24May 2018 Categories:running

Water Exercise

Water exercise originated at least 2000 years ago and way back in the 18th century, spa therapy was considered both fashionable and beneficial.  'Taking the cure' (as it was known) was well documented and research today confirms that immersion in mineral or salt water continues to be beneficial. Early in the last century 'rest' was considered the best option following injury or damage to the body. This has changed over the years and therapists recommend the benefits of exercising the whole bo

read more  24Apr 2018 Categories:non impact training

Getting Started

Popular concerns and our responses about getting started   After reading through the following list, you might just discover you’re more ready to start that healthy lifestyle than you thought!  Despite the uncertainty and anxiety some people feel about the thought of joining a gym, the truth is that you’re pretty m

read more  04Aug 2015 Categories:beginners fitness

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