Looking After Your Mental Health | Habits To Improve Mental Health

There are many habits to improve mental health.?You will probably have heard of plenty. However, during this period of self-isolation, here at Altered Images we would like to remind you of a few of the many ways you can keep positive. However, whether you are a regular gym-goer or not, self-isolating can make us feel quite restless from time to time. In fact, isolating yourself away from your normal routine, friends, family, and work life can actually have a negative impact o

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Make 2020 The Year To Get In Shape With Altered Images Fitness Trainers

Working out with a fitness trainer is a great way to kick start 2020. Now Christmas is over, some of us will be faced with that familiar urge to embrace a healthier lifestyle this year. So, what better way to do that than with the support of an experienced and fully qualified fitness instructor. At Altered Images gym, we h

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Move Your 2020 Fitness Journey Forward With Altered Images Gym

Improving push ups is something that many people aim to do when joining the gym or embarking on a fitness journey. In fact, push ups can be one of the trickiest workouts to master. Our team of fitness instructors are ready to offer you any support you need to achieve your fitness goals.?Mastering the push-up is easy when you say goodbye to these common technique issues.  

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Why Should I Run? Kicking off 2020 the right way!

Different exercises all boast various different health benefits, but running remains one of the most effective ways of enhancing your health and fitness. With the new year looming in, why not consider running to achieve fitness goals? Running is one of the most popular ways to stay fit, but with so many different exercise that you can take part of, you may be wondering "Why should I run?". Here at Altered Images

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Hot Yoga Bromsgrove

Our Hot Yoga Bromsgrove classes consist of a simple Yoga practise taught in a hot environment. Including Yoga postures and sequences with a strong focus on breath and alignment. Starting in March we will be offering 30 minute classes for participants to acclimatise, and 60 minute classes for those who are acclimatised, with the studio heated to approximately 35 degrees.

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Looking for HIIT Classes Near Me?

If you are finding yourself Googling ?HIIT classes near me? then look no further than Altered Images Gym. We provide a wide range of fitness classes in Bromsgrove, including HIIT classes. As a gym that is passionate about welcoming as many people as possible, we also have a dedicated ladies only gym too. Alte

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Everything you need to know about Aquafit Classes in Bromsgrove

When it comes to keeping fit, it's important that you find something that you enjoy - and something that works for you. Our Aquafit classes in Bromsgrove are one of the many ways that you can keep fit here at Altered Images Gym. A brief history on water exercise Water exercise originated at least 2000 years ago?and way back in the 18th century, spa therapy?was considered both fashionable and beneficia

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Yoga in Bromsgrove | Yoga Classes at Altered Images

Looking for yoga in Bromsgrove??We offer many different exercise classes at Altered Images, including yoga classes. Our gym was established in 2014, and is dedicated to providing health and fitness services. We support all members of the community, of all ages and abilities. We are focused on promoting and supporting the principles of staying fit and healthy. Additionally, we're always looking for new w

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Free Weights Gym | Altered Images Gym in Bromsgrove

Looking for a free weights gym??Not only does our free weights gym in Bromsgrove look great; it's great for your body too. Free weights exercises are incredibly beneficial which is why we've invested plenty of money into our equipment. When it comes to working out with free weights, it's important you know exactly what you are doi

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Smash your running goals with a Worcestershire personal trainer

If you are looking to smash those running goals even more, you may wish to consider a Worcestershire personal trainer. About Altered Images Here at Altered Images gym in Bromsgrove, we are proud to be a gym that caters for all. We strive to be a gym that can facilitate people of all fitness levels, and with our personal trainers, we can create bespoke fitness plans that are perfect for your goals.

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Drinking wine whilst losing weight | Everything you need to know

When I talk to people about their weekly Food Diary (such a simple, yet immensely powerful tool we use for

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What are the best tips for running?

Running is one of the best ways to keep fit, and here at Altered Images Gym in Bromsgrove, we love to support our gym-goers and runners in reaching new goals and achievements. As a leading gym in Bromsgrove, we're proud to have a wide range of classes and programmes that can be enjoyed by everyone - and we welcome people of all ages, abilities, and experiences. 10 top tips for running It's important to remember that almost anyone and everyone can start running. However, by

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Overcoming fitness fears | Gym tips for beginners

  Just starting your fitness journey? Our gym tips for beginners can help you overcome any fitness fears or worries you might have if you are joining a gym for the first time. Here at Altered Images in Bromsgrove, our team of experienced fitness exp

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Why you probably should be weight lifting, no matter what your age.

With the rise of the super fit 60's this decade we have learnt that getting old isn't an excuse to not lift, it's the reason you should be lifting. Unfortunately as you age, your bodies anabolic hormones decrease, these hormones amongst other things are responsible for muscle growth and repair. With decreased muscle your body will suffer, age and become less capable. A dangerous cycle can occur an attitude of "I'm too old for this'' leading to doing less activity and the body becoming a little w

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Join in our Les Mills Barre free taster classes! Monday 4th Mar 12pm & 5.45pm? |? Tuesday 5th Mar 10am? |? Saturday 9th Mar 11.15am - All 30 minute sessions with Vicki Morgan! Les Mills Barre Classes in Bromsgrove LES MILLS BARRE? is a modern version of classic balletic training; a 30-minute workout designed to shape and tone postural muscles, build core strength, and allow you to escape the everyday. Incorporating classic ballet positions, with modern music, LES MILLS B

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Yoga Wellness Weekend Saturday 23rd & Sunday 24th Feb 2019

Join us for our yoga wellness weekend at Altered Images Bromsgrove this 23rd and 24th of February. We have a wide range of taster classes for you to try and all at an introductory price of just ?3 ( free to DD members). Saturday Taster Classes* 09:30 - 10:30 Tai Chi Michelle 10:30 - 11:30 Remedial Pilates Phil 11:30 - 12:30 Hatha

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Why do some people have personal trainers?

As a teenager I used to do a lot of athletics, both track and field, once I got to around 14 years old I majorly got into my resistance training, it started off with bodyweight exercises such as push-ups and situps and quickly evolved after I got my first pair of dumbbells. I was a monthly subscriber to both Men?s Health and Men?s Fitness magazines which I?d read religiously every page from front to back, after a while I really thought I knew my stuff. All of my track and field training, all of

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Want to transform your shape? Try a Body Transformation Camp

Transforming your body is no easy task, but we believe anybody can do it, all they have to do is transform their routine or even their daily and weekly habits. Easier said than done however! It takes a lot of focus and determination to change lifestyle habits which is why many people can easily go for months, years and even decades doing the very things that they know is moving them further away from their ideal body shap

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New research from the Les Mills Lab reveals how immersive fitness technology can help you work out harder than you think you are. ? If you want to get fitter faster, with less discomfort, then embracing immersive fitness technology could be the way to go.   Thanks to the team at the Les Mills Lab we now know that combining audio-visual effects with a structured workout can be a great way to foster long-term fitness success ? news that?s particul

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Forget spending hours excessively exercising, we?ve got more evidence that maximising?the time you spend working out won?t fast-track your fitness. It?s quality over quantity that gets results.   Now more than ever in human history there are tons of options for working out. In spite of that, there are now also more obese people, more injured people, more people with poor body images. And the answer we hear most often is that we need to work out more, but is that really the case

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Tai Chi classes in Bromsgrove ? Kick starting 2019 the right way

If you are living in Bromsgrove Tai Chi is a great way to kick start a healthy 2019. Lots of us make New Years? resolutions that involve a healthier lifestyle and exercise classes near you in Bromsgrove could be the key to seeing these resolutions take shape throughout the year. Here at Altered Images gym, since being established in 2014 we have been on the lookout for new and innovative ways to adapt and maintain a good fitness regime. People of all ages want to

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December Class Changes for Studio 2 Refurbishment

  Studio 2 will be out of action from Friday 7th December 2018 for a 6-week refurbishment programme. Please see the class timetable or our website and social media for all class changes or ask for a copy from reception. On Wednesday 12.12.18 there will also be significant disruption in our car park

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Fitness Instructor of the Week – Jenny King

If you are looking for a fitness instructor in Bromsgrove then look no further than Altered Images gym. Our gym in Bromsgrove is dedicated to getting people of all ages and abilities to share our passion for health and fitness.? We?ve got all sorts of trained professionals on-board with our team to teach you new, innovative and exciting ways to keep fit and healthy. We encourage e

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Another week, another headline claiming some supposed health benefit of drinking alcohol. It seems we really want to believe it ? but what does the research really show, and who do we believe?   Will alcohol make you live longer? Probably not, but you may have seen the headlines suggesting otherwise ? such as the one about how ?Drinking three glasses of champagne per week could help stave off dementia and Alzheimer?s disease.? Champagne as preventative medicine? That?

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Forget growing old gracefully. New research suggests that you can party your way to good brain health ? and that pulling out your freshest dance moves could be the secret to defying time. For many years scientists thought that once the brain was fully formed and at capacity that was it, from then on it slowly degenerated. ?It was widely believed that, over the course of your life you lost brain cells, called neurons, and there wasn?t much you could do about it,? says Bryce H

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Meet Tina Ellis our Zumba, Abs Blast and Express Spin Instructor

  Fitness Classes Bromsgrove Hi I?m Tina Ellis. I teach Express Spin here on a Tuesday morning nice and early before you head off to work, 8.45-9.15.am. Tuesday evening I teach Zumba at 6pm followed by Abs Blast at 6.45pm. Saturday mornings I teach Zumba at 10.45-11.45am? I love teaching, I think it?s just in my veins! I?ve been doing it for 20 years now and wouldn?t change a thing! The buzz that you get fr

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Meet Rachael Watson Our Group Exercise Co-ordinator

I started my journey working in the fitness industry nearly 20 years ago teaching Step aerobics and Aquafit at this very club! Over the years I have gained many different qualifications from Personal Training to Pilates, including my passion Yoga. I have been Group Ex Co-ordinator at many different health club facilities during my career and ha

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You?ve probably heard that cooldowns are essential for several aspects of recovery, including injury prevention, decreasing symptoms of muscular soreness and preventing stiffness. They have been part of exercise routines for decades, but does research support the prominence that cooldowns are a given?   Cooldowns come in a variety of shapes and sizes, ranging from a quick stretch to full dynamic slowing down of moves similar to the ones you were doing during the sessi

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Maybe you?ve watched other gym-goers rolling on these cylindrical pieces of foam and been curious. Maybe you use a foam roller yourself and routinely ask, ?How can something so innocent looking cause me so much pain?? Maybe you just want to know what they?re meant to do, and whether they actually work. Here?s what you need to know... There are several different types of foam roller, ranging from one solid piece of foam, to hollow tubes with lumps and bumps emerging from the o

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Okay, you?re sweet enough already, we get that. But if you really want to cut down on the sugar in your diet, what should you know about the alternatives? Going ?sugar free? has become standard when we?re trying to clean up our diets, and there has been growing global awareness of the dangers of sugar in western diets for some years now. So if we?re not eating sugar, but we still want to enjoy a sweet taste, what?s the best alternative? Are so-called ?natural? sweeteners

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Can’t lose that stubborn fat? Unlock your fat burning potential now

Did you know that there is another major factor to weight loss other than exercise and nutrition but equally important?   Getting quality sleep is as important as exercise when it come to fat loss. If you have standby lights on in your bedroom, watch TV in bed or use mobile devices before bed, the chances are you won't be getting your restorative sleep required for fat loss. Any lights, particularly the white light omitted from mobile phon

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