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Looking for a free weights gymNot only does our free weights gym in Bromsgrove look great; it’s great for your body too. Free weights exercises are incredibly beneficial which is why we’ve invested plenty of money into our equipment.

When it comes to working out with free weights, it’s important you know exactly what you are doing. With this in mind, our team of Bromsgrove fitness trainers are here to offer you expert fitness support throughout your entire training regime. 

Why should you go to a free weights gym?

Going to a free weights gym provides many different benefits. Free weight workout routines can vary and can cater to those of all fitness levels.

The benefits of free weights include:

  • Improving balance – using free weights can massively improve your balance and decrease any imbalance issues you may have. You can target specific balance problems by using the weights on certain parts/sides of your body. Free weights allow you to be able to load both sides of the body equally too.
  • Strength gains – by decreasing imbalances, any weak sides to the body can grow stronger. As free weights require more control and balance when using them, muscles can gain more strength faster.
  • Prevents injury – exercising with free weights helps to stabilise your muscles. Muscles play a vital tole in keeping joints in place and supporting the overall body. Therefore, keeping them strong helps to prevent injuries.


Free weights equipment in Bromsgrove

At our free weights gym in Bromsgrove, we have plenty of safe and high quality equipment to support your fitness goals. Some of the equipment includes:

  • Steel dumbbells up to 50KG
  • Fixed barbells from 15KG to 50KG stored on a rotating carousel for member convenience
  • 1500KG of new weight plates
  • 500KG of new Bumper plates
  • Olympic Barbells
  • A variety barbells in different shape and sizes
  • Shock absorbing floor with mirrors and LED colour themed lighting
  • Olympic lifting zone
  • Over 10 weight machines 
  • Decline abs bench, decline dumbbell bench, Pakulski bench, sissy-squat stand, plus two regular adjustable benches


free weights gym 2

Altered Images Gym

Our design here at Altered Images is open and spacious. This enables more freedom with compound & functional exercises using the dumbbells and barbells, cable machines, and body weight exercises. Our new Watson plate loaded machines enable you to work with you body’s natural plane of movement to maximise muscle contractions during your workout.


Call us Today

If you would like to know more about our free weights gym, head to our website today. Or, call 01527 874395 to speak to a member of our helpful and friendly team.

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The most effective way to beat depression, stress and anxiety (whilst busting stubborn fat).

There is an ever increasing stack of evidence that suggests exercise is more effective than anti-depressant tablets at beating depression and it makes perfect sense.


Believe it or not, stress has always had a very useful function in humans and many other animals for that matter. Imagine you’re minding your own business, only to realize you’re being stalked by a powerful predator with exceptionally large and pointy teeth. Your heart rate rapidly elevates, your senses and perception heighten, and blood flow increases to the muscles prioritizing power, speed and strength over all of your bodily functions. This is what we call ‘fight or flight’, your body is giving you the best chance of survival by inducing acute stress.  The stress hormones like cortisol and adrenaline are being pumped around the body while peak physical performance is underway in the battle for survival. Once you are safe , the acute stress subsides and the stress hormones, tiny chemical messengers, settle down but only after a bout of intense exercise.


In today’s world we marvel at the advancements in technology which have enabled a more productive civilization, however these advancements have come at a cost: chronic stress, often leading to anxiety and depression. Chronic stress, a different beast to acute stress, is one of the biggest risk factors today for both your physical and mental health as well as the buildup of visceral fat (stubborn belly fat), problems in these areas develop as a result of too frequent acute stress. With nearly a third of the UK’s population suffering from depression and many more contending with anxiety and stress related health problems, there’s certainly cause to look deeper into how these problems can be prevented. Most people in our western world aren’t concerned with being eaten by some beast anymore, they are however worrying about everyday factors that are a part of civilized life. These constant worries and concerns, whether it is your job, your personal relationships, family bereavements or your finances, can often develop into chronic stress if not managed correctly.


So with that in mind here are our top three solutions to deal with chronic stress creating a much happier headspace, staving off the shadow of depression, anxiety and chronic stress health problems:


1) Exercise – either intense 3 times a week or moderate/ easier exercise 5-6 times a week

2) Meditation – The more the better, from once a week to every day.

3) Relationships with friends and family – Forming and maintaining personal relationships where you can talk, be heard and listen to others creates a strong bond. Research suggests this is probably just as powerful for both your mental and physical health as regular exercise and a healthy diet.


Call us at Altered Images gym and spa in Bromsgrove on  01527 874395 to find out more about our facilities and how we can help you reach your 2019 fitness goals.

Want to transform your shape? Try a Body Transformation Camp

Transforming your body is no easy task, but we believe anybody can do it, all they have to do is transform their routine or even their daily and weekly habits. Easier said than done however!

It takes a lot of focus and determination to change lifestyle habits which is why many people can easily go for months, years and even decades doing the very things that they know is moving them further away from their ideal body shape.


Launching our Body Transformation camp

In 2019 it has been well known now for a while that the best way to begin new habits and change for the better is with the support of a group of like-minded people. Multiple people facing similar challenges, starting a new journey together works wonders for motivation and feeling positive about the road ahead. With this in mind we are launching our very own Body Transformation camp, right here at altered Images.


Join us this February

Starting in February 2019 we will be introducing people to our 8 week Body Transformation Camp. You’ll have exclusive access to 16 boutique work-outs instructed by one of our expert personal trainers over the course of the 8 weeks. Every camper will start with an outcome goal and will have their body stats recorded into their camper diary every other week. Your camper diary will also include a record of your workouts as well as your weekly challenge.

Diet and exercise support, guidance and coaching will be part of the body transformation camp, many people already know a lot of what they need to be doing but being accountable by both the group and the PT for what they want to do helps a lot. Also, during this type of body transformation camp, with all the interacting with fellow campers and the personal trainer, people often people find that they do pick up a couple of golden nuggets of information that works for their own life.

So at a glance what is included:

  • Eight weeks & 16 group workouts with alike minded group and a personal trainer.
  • Varying intensity group training sessions from HIIT to circuits designed to be fun and inclusive
  • Weigh-ins with a body composition scans.
  • Our expert nutrition guidance and support
  • Your own tracking card for your goals, diet, exercise and body composition
  • Weekly process goal sand systems to follow
  • Prizes for transformation king/queen.


Altered Images Body Transformation camp in Bromsgrove has been thoughtfully designed to make a great difference on every individual enrolling on the 8 week plan. Eight weeks of training with our expert personal trainers  and likeminded campers will maximise your results and provide all the encouragement to see you across the finish line.


Call us Today

Altered Images Gym and Spa is the perfect place to reach your fitness goals, to talk to one of our team about joining our Body Transformation Camp Bromsgrove or to book a visit to see our facilities please don’t hesitate to contact us on 01527 874395 or visit our website

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Meet Tina Ellis our Zumba, Abs Blast and Express Spin Instructor


Fitness Classes Bromsgrove

Hi I’m Tina Ellis. I teach Express Spin here on a Tuesday morning nice and early before you head off to work, Tuesday evening I teach Zumba at 6pm followed by Abs Blast at 6.45pm. Saturday mornings I teach Zumba at 10.45-11.45am 

I love teaching, I think it’s just in my veins! I’ve been doing it for 20 years now and wouldn’t change a thing! The buzz that you get from teaching and helping people achieve their goals whether that be weight loss or toning and firming or that feel good factor that comes from group ex classes is just the best!! 

If you want to come to a friendly, welcoming, feel good class with great moves, great fitness, easy to learn choreography and brilliant music come and join me in any one of my classes here at Images. 

“One of the reasons I love exercise classes is not just because it makes you look good on the outside but most importantly it makes you feel like  a million dollars on the inside and that’s priceless. “

Tina xx

fitness classes bromsgrove - Tina Ellis


All our fitness classes Bromsgrove at Altered Images gym and spa are designed to help you get that healthy lifestyle you desire. Check out our timetable and choose from our wide variety of exercise classes, we have something for everyone. If you would like to come in and try out our facilities please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01527 874395.

Meet Rachael Watson Our Group Exercise Co-ordinator

I started my journey working in the fitness industry nearly 20 years ago teaching Step aerobics and Aquafit at this very club! Over the years I have gained many different qualifications from Personal Training to Pilates, including my passion Yoga.

I have been Group Ex Co-ordinator at many different health club facilities during my career and have been enjoying my role here at Altered Images for the last 3 years.

I run a successful Yoga retreat business called Yoga Heaven with my business partner Lisa Stone, running retreats throughout Europe.

I am a Fitpro National Trainer specialising in the MOSSA programmes and have been working with Fitness professionals for 4 years now. They have recently asked me to develop a Yoga course for their online training platform with my business partner.

My passion is fitness and I find it an immensely rewarding career, to be able to help others to achieve their goals and improve their health and wellbeing is a gift.

I am very proud to be working with such a great Group Ex team here at Altered Images!


If you would like to find out more about our range of classes at Altered Images in Bromsgrove or would like to book Rachel for some personal training sessions please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01527 874395 to arrange a free trial or visit our website to view our timetable.