Can’t lose that stubborn fat? Unlock your fat burning potential now

 15Aug 2018

Did you know that there is another major factor to weight loss other than exercise and nutrition but equally important?


Getting quality sleep is as important as exercise when it come to fat loss. If you have standby lights on in your bedroom, watch TV in bed or use mobile devices before bed, the chances are you won’t be getting your restorative sleep required for fat loss. Any lights, particularly the white light omitted from mobile phones, trigger day time (stress) hormones and suppress the night time (relaxation) hormones such as serotonin. Not only will this ruin your potential to recover properly but also deprives you from efficient fat burning throughout the night and the following day.

fat loss with quality sleep


With this in mind here are some practical tips to increase your quality of sleep;

A) Make your bedroom as dark as possible. Since light penetrates your eye lids, something as small as a red standby light can be me mistaken by your body as a sunrise and signal the release of your day-time hormones which will hinder how well you rest and recover during your sleep. Use blackout blinds and turn off or cover up any standby lights. Consider using a sleeping mask to ensure no light disturbing your sleep.

B) No caffeine after 2pm. Caffeine will jack up your adrenals and interfere with your circadian rhythm.

C) Dim the lights an hour before bed to help encourage your body to start winding down.

D) Don’t use mobile phones or any device with a light up screen before bed.

E) Help your body wind down by reading, stretching or mediating.

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