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Your Special Event Personal Trainer

OMG! Is that all the time you?ve got until your wedding or holiday? Panicking that you can’t quite?fit into your swimsuit, wedding outfit or beat the beer belly in the time you?ve got left? We can help you right NOW with our expert personal trainers and Altered Images Weight Loss programmes.?By the time our trainers have worked their magic, you will be left feeling a million dollars.

If you’re under pressure to be fitter, slimmer or generally get in shape for a party/wedding/reunion/hot date and?the weeks/days are rapidly?ticking down to the impending?event but you just don’t know how to get started, STOP PANICKING!! We’re here to help!

How We Can Help You

personal trainer bromsgrove
personal trainer bromsgrove


At Altered Images we love helping people take on a challenge, and get the results they want. In fact people often get better results than they expected! We?ve trained people to help them feel fabulous for their wedding, complete a marathon, compete in?fun runs, mountain trekking, reach?the big 50 and so much more.

We want to help you avoid the diet traps, media hype and faddy workouts and instead?fast track with our service of personal training and healthy eating programmes.?You will be assigned a personal trainer who specialises in the goal you want to achieve and then it?s full steam ahead ready for your big event.

We have had many clients come back and say how much they enjoy the experience because we do all the stressful planning for you.

This means all you have to do is follow the step-by-step training along with your nutrition programme?and its success guaranteed.

What do I do next to book a personal training session?

We have a range of packages to suit your budget, so why not pop in to see us for a coffee and chat to see how we can help you be confident, ready and in the shape of your life?for the starter’s pistol or the wedding photographer.Click here to Contact Us?or to arrange a visit to meet the successful personal trainer Bromsgrove team?follow this link.

“The advice and support from?my trainer has made a huge difference in a short time. I?enjoy my workouts at the?gym so much more now!” Hayley, Redditch

As an alternative you may want to take advantage of our Total Body Transformation Classes.

What our clients say…

10lb loss will try and keep it up
Well done all

Vernon Harris ? weight loss 10lb

Just reviewed my goals I set? I smashed the body fat and very nearly made the muscle one! Definitely would have if weighed in at end of 8 weeks.

Massive thanks Andrew!! Never would have thought I could have actually achieved what I have in so few weeks.. Spent 6 months going to gym without seeing results.. Just shows doing the right exercise, right effort and right food and nutrition makes all the difference.

Dionne ? weight loss 2.2lb

Awesome course! Thank you Andrew for pushing me every week. Felt a huge difference from start to finish, lots of great information for nutrition and a large variety of memorable classes. 2 PT sessions a week for such an incredible price! Great to meet you all and good luck with your future fitness goals!

Harri Donley ? weight loss 11lb

All our packages include...

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Find a membership option that meets your needs, suits your pocket and your life style.

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