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If you need some me-time, why not treat yourself in our luxurious spa area where you can relax and rejuvenate?!? Better still, why not build it into your weekly routine as a post-workout reward.

Sometimes we all need a little break and a chance to relax and unwind.? By taking?just 30 minutes time-out in our spa area could help to relieve the tensions of your day.? How about a few lengths of the pool, a few minutes rest in the bubbling spa pool, followed by a soothing spell in the hot, dry heat of the?sauna or the warm, aromatic-scented atmosphere of the?steam room (depending on your preference).

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If a gentler style of exercise is more your thing, why not take advantage of our lovely spa pool area allowing you the opportunity to exercise and relax? You can swim the pool at your leisure or, for a more invigorating workout, take part in one of our Aquafit classes led by instructors . ?These are fun sessions?designed to get your body working under ambient, colour-changing lights in the heated pool.

Aqua classes are a great way to?start building up your fitness levels?whether you’re just starting or coming back to?exercise following injury or illness. If you suffer with joint or back problems the water will help to support your body allowing you to do more in water than you could do in the gym.? Water based classes are great for burning calories, allowing you to work completely at your own pace while definitely achieving more in water than you’d imagine -? as a result members tend to see more benefits from this popular form of training (with the added bonus that they tend to be very sociable too!)?See our class timetable for more details.

Begin?your?5 Steps to Fitness?with a FREE Health Check and?start to use the Spa and Pool? ?

We’d love to find out a little more about you, so why not pop in for a coffee to see our relaxing spa Bromsgrove and a chat and see how just warm, inviting and relaxing our Spa Pool area is. Simply?click here?to arrange your visit at a time to suit you.

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