Indoor Sunshine with our Sunbeds


We all know our summers can’t be relied on these days for the sun to put in an appearance ,so what can we do to get a healthy-looking, sun-kissed glow? And in the winter months the lack of sunshine is known to affect your mood, not to mention your vitamin D levels.  One solution could be to treat yourself to some time on one of our sunbeds for a tanning boost!

How we can help you

Everyone needs a little sun as a pick-me-up and we have a great solution; the choice of two sunbeds (stand up or lie down).  Sunbeds offer a relaxing way to finish off after your training session and leave the club looking AND feeling invigorated and healthy.

Sunbeds can only be used by over 18’s – so if you’re lucky enough to look that young then we will require documentary proof of your age before allowing you on the sunbed.

Our sunbeds are available to members as one of our upgrade options at a cost of just over £1 per week and for more information please click here.

What do I do next to book a Sunbed? 

We’d love to find out a little more about you, so why not pop in for a coffee and chat and see how we operate our Sunbed Inclusive membership packages. Simply Contact Us to discuss your sunbed options and skin type and to arrange a visit to look at our sunbeds Bromsgrove follow this link

All our packages include...

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Find a membership option that meets your needs, suits your pocket and your life style.

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