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Toning Tables

Our Toning Tables might just offer the ideal solution for you if you suffer from stiff joints or lack mobility and flexibility.   If the idea of running machines and exercise bikes scares you, this could be the perfect way to taking those small steps towards making a big difference to your health. 

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We’d love to find out a little more about you and how Toning Tables can help, so why not pop in for a coffee and chat and see how we can with our supportive 5 Steps Programe. Simply click here to arrange a time to visit us or you call us on 01527 874395 or send us an email today to book a visit.

Getting Started with Toning Tables

We have a full range of Toning Tables* that can help mobilise your entire body. We will show you how to use each piece of equipment but we promise it really is as easy as 1,2,3.  If you want to work a certain area of your body we know we will have a Toning Table that can really help you get focused.

*Toning Tables are available to members and their guests (over 16s only) as one of our upgrade options at a cost of just over £1 per week.

For more information about Toning Tables and what they can do for you click here.

How do I visit to find out more about Toning Tables? 

We’d love to try and get to know a little more about you, so why not pop in for a coffee and chat and see how we can reach your toning and shape-change goals together. Just Contact Us to get some more information or to you can arrange a visit to the club to see the Toning Tables in action if you follow this link.


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