Getting Started

 04Aug 2015

Popular concerns and our responses about getting started


After reading through the following list, you might just discover you’re more ready to start that healthy lifestyle than you thought! 

Despite the uncertainty and anxiety some people feel about the thought of joining a gym, the truth is that you’re pretty much ready to start exercising straight away – you just don’t know it yet!

Let’s look at some of the most popular reasons that hold people back …


“I don’t have the right exercise clothes”   /  “I don’t own any trainers”

All you need is a pair of jogging bottoms, soft, flat shoes, a t-shirt and sweater – and you’re good to go! The hi-tech trainers and breathable clothing can wait. (You might never need it!) Soft shoes will be fine to embark on a training programme providing you’re not running or doing rapid direction changes (eg squash/racket ball) 


“Everyone else knows what to do and I won’t be able to use the equipment”

Statistics show that almost 90% of people use the Quick Start function on programmable equipment and to be honest, if you can programme a microwave, you can set up an exercise bike! 

Our job is to teach you how to set up the equipment and put you at ease. We will show you as many times as you need until you’re confident enough to do it on your own.


“Everybody is young and fit”

 We have members in every age bracket from 14-89 as we appeal right across the board – all shapes and sizes, all fitness levels and backgrounds.  Altered Images is a gym for people just like you.


“I need my glasses to read the displays on the gym equipment”

That’s fine – the equipment has large coloured LED displays which are easy to read. We also provide large print programme cards in case you would rather exercise without your glasses. For our visually impaired members we have created easy-to-read printed workout cards with bright colours and larger fonts that allow them to exercise.


“I’m worried that I’m so unfit I won’t be able to do anything”

This is a popular misconception! Fitness is a relative concept, meaning that wherever you start, within a week or two you will have progressed enough to increase your levels by 50-100% because the body reacts positively to exercise 99% of the time. So after training, your body gets used to it and 3-5 days later is ready for more exercise. This is known as the Stimulus-Response concept; the stimulus is exercise and the response is your body getting fitter and stronger – FACT!


“I have an injury/health condition that surely means I can’t exercise”

Injuries fall into two categories: long-term (chronic) injuries which require management and short-term (acute) which require treatment then management.

Generally, exercise will be beneficial. Eg  with a long-term problem such as osteoarthritis in the knee joint, most people will benefit from increased hamstring exercises to help stabilize  the knee. Short-term problems often require treatment so we would refer you to our neighbouring Physio clinic right next door for assessment and treatment, which may include ultrasound, acupuncture or hydrotherapy. The physios there will prescribe a series of corrective exercises and once a full recovery is made, would offer an exercise plan to manage your condition and minimize the recurrence of the problem. You could also be referred to a personal trainer for specific training if needed. As a general rule exercise should form part of your long term health plan.

I hope we’ve answered all your questions and you now feel ready to join us at Altered Images to get started on your fitness journey. Call us today to speak to one of our helpful team and arrange a visit to see our facilities on 01527 874395.

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