Begin?your?5 Steps to Fitness?today and SAVE ?50 today!

Each of our members will be able to save ?50 when they purchase our excellent 5 Steps to Fitness Programme. This programme delivers 5 1:1 sessions with one of our experienced trainers over their first 3 months of membership! This close attention will help to guide you along fitness journey. We pride ourselves on our high level of support, enabling our members to reach?their goals faster with a personalised approach.

5 steps to fitness - PT with lady
Whether it be weight management, rehabilitation or performance based goals, at Altered Images we understand that?each individual is unique. No two fitness journeys will be the same. To come in a find out more click here

Step 1 Health Check PLUS

Our Health Check is your first session. Our instructor will get to know?more about you, what you enjoy, what you’d like to try and any challenges?you have. We have some simple health screen questions, we also take your blood pressure and average heart rate.

For anybody who’d like to track?their progress more closely, we offer optional tests for your body composition and your lung function.

Step 2 Your Personalised Gym Programme

Having had your first chat with one of our fitness professionals, your next step is to get a personalised gym programme.
At this point we’ll have a good?idea about your wants and needs. This will enable us to construct a programme together that will not only be suitable for you, but also effective?and efficient.

Step 3 Diet Tips and Healthy Eating

Diet is an essential part of being healthy. It can assist you in achieving your goals, whatever they may be. We know a lot of people know the ins and outs of a good diet, so this appointment is as much about coaching as it is tracking and advising.

Sit down with one of our nutrition experts to find?out if your diet is complimenting your training.

Step 4 A?Programme Review

We want to keep your exercise routine up to date, to keep it fresh, exciting and? challenging. As a result, you’ll continue to progress rather than plateau. The #1?mistake people make in gyms is doing the same thing over and over for months, often years and expect to see changes.

We also want to make?sure that your initial health readings are going in the right direction as part?of your programme review.

Step 5 A Complimentary Personal Training Session

Are you training in the most efficient way? Are you achieving your true potential?

Find out with a one to one training session with one of our?Personal Trainers. You will be exercising within the ideal threshold?for you, and your goals.

Begin?your?5 Steps to Fitness and SAVE ?50 when you join Altered Images!

Why not pop in for a coffee and chat and see how we can help with our supportive?5 Steps Programme. Simply?click here?to arrange a time to visit us. Alternatively, you?call us on?01527 874395?or?send us an email today to book a visit.

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