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A superb way our club members to recover from injuries and exercise hard but with the support and safety of water to protect your body that continues to yield fantastic results for a wide range of conditions.

How Hydrotherapy can help you

If you suffer from muscular tension, aching joints, pain, arthritis or rheumatism, then you are the perfect candidate for Hydrotherapy – a proven, effective, natural treatment for these and other conditions.

Hydrotherapy is a term used to describe exercises that take place in water that are designed to improve mobility, help relieve pain and discomfort and promote recovery following an injury. In addition they will help improve a pre-existing health condition.

Massive success

We have had MASSIVE success with Hydrotherapy exercise plans for people with knee, back and hip problems, and people recovering from hip and knee surgery.

We also get great results for people with weight issues who are limited with the amount of land-based exercise they can manage. Slimming groups often recommend their members to attend aqua classes to go hand-in-hand with their weight loss programmes.

Warm and inviting

Both our pool and the general Spa Pool environment are kept at a constant 32-deg C  which we feel is an ideal temperature to follow a pool-based exercise plan to ease your pain so why not try Hydrotherapy alongside one of our other approaches to exercise or to help with your pain management?

The Best Approach for you

Whatever your problem, we are confident that our Fitness Team will be able to diagnose your condition, provide effective treatment and suggest an exercise regime to aid recovery and help improve your life-style.

We have Fitness Instructors who specialise in Hydrotherapy exercises and they can help you whether you are recovering from an operation or need assistance to cope better with a health condition. This often leads pool users who’ve experienced back and knee problems to build up enough strength to go into the gyms.

Water based Classes

We also run a series of AquaFit classes in our warm pool area that Hydro patients often progress onto as these sessions are fun, sociable and work you harder than you might think! Have a look at our timetable for class times.

What do I do to book in for some hydrotherapy?                           

Why not pop in for a coffee and chat about how Hydrotherapy could benefit you and see how we can improve your health together.

It’s very simple to arrange a visit.  This will give us a better understanding of your condition and your needs and will allow us to suggest which form of treatment is appropriate to resolve the situation for you.

To email us for more information click here or phone 01527 874395 and speak to a member of our team.


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