Running can be Fun

 24May 2018

Anyone and everyone can start running, all you need is something comfortable to run in and a pair of trainers with cushioning!


  • Selecting the right trainers doesn’t need to cost a fortune but it is a good idea to go and have your gait read; this will determine what running style you have and therefore which trainers are best for you to avoid injury.
  • The best way to start is to walk first and gradually build up to a run/walk.
  • Try and commit to three times a week to see an improvement in fitness.
  • Always go for endurance over speed as faster running puts a greater demand on the body.
  • Run with someone else or in a group; you’ll make friends and the time flies by when you run with others – you’re also more likely to stick at it!!
  • Vary your routes to keep it interesting.
  • Music is a great motivator so an ipod and earphones are definitely worth having.
  • Reward yourself when you reach certain targets as an incentive.
  • Have a focus or motivation, such as entering a race whether it’s 5k or a marathon. You’d be surprised at what you can achieve when you put your mind to it – not to mention a great collection of medals!
  • Be sure to warm up properly and stretch out at the end.
  • Most importantly, have fun!

Keep checking for more running tips to maintain your enthusiasm and interest!


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