Poolside Fun Aquafit Class

If the pool is somewhere you like to get active why not try one of our fun Aquafit sessions.  These sessions are a fantastic way to start building up your fitness levels and if you suffer with joint or back problems, the water will help support your body. Exercise, have fun and meet new people ~ what a combination!

Instructor Led Exercise

Our aqua classes are Instructor-led and feature a series of water based exercises in a warm environment which is ideal for anyone with joint problems or those who benefit from the additional support and buoyancy of water when exercising. Your class instructor will motivate you and guide you through a fun-45 minute workout that will fly by in no time.

This is a popular form of exercise where people generally find they can achieve more in water than they could in the gym or in a land based class. The result is that members tend to get a much better workout and consequently more benefit from this form of training. 

These sessions are great fun, with a lovely sociable atmosphere and are actually a little bit harder than they look, so just work at your own level and enjoy the class. Have a look at our Aquafit timetable

How do I go about doing my first Aqua class?

We’d love to find out a little more about you and how we can help you relax, so why not pop in for a coffee and a chat and see how we can reach your goals together. Just follow this link to arrange a visit to see our warm inviting Spa Pool area for yourself or book onto an aqua fit class.

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