Relaxing Massage

Feel better with no effort at all with a Spa favourite and pamper treat! Let our fully qualified practitioner soothe away the niggles and tensions we all feel after a day at work, gardening, minding the children?.

Sound tempting?

Soothe away tension

To help you fully unwind and relax, enjoy a deeply soothing massage with soft aromas ?(infused into the base oil of your choice) or have a reflexology treatment to induce a wonderful sense of whole body well-being from your head to your toes.

The ‘pinnacle of pampering’, massage is the ultimate stress-busting way to relax, unwind and feel uplifted.

Range of treatments

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We have a range of different massage treatments available to suit your needs from shorter 30-min bookings for back and ?shoulders to 60-min full body massages.

We ?also offer?Sports Massage for anyone who?needs more of an invigorating treatment, focusing on helping your body to recover.

How do I book a Massage?

We’d love to find out a little more about you and the type of massage you like best, so why not pop in for a coffee and a chat and see how we can help you relax more deeply more often. Just Contact?Us for a visit.

All our packages include...

How Much

will my membership cost?

Find a membership option that meets your needs, suits your pocket and your life style.

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