Why you probably should be weight lifting, no matter what your age.

With the rise of the super fit 60’s this decade we have learnt that getting old isn’t an excuse to not lift, it’s the reason you should be lifting. Unfortunately as you age, your bodies anabolic hormones decrease, these hormones amongst other things are responsible for muscle growth and repair. With decreased muscle your body will suffer, age and become less capable. A dangerous cycle can occur an attitude of “I’m too old for this” leading to doing less activity and the body becoming a little weaker. Fortunately this is completely combatable, lifting weights increases these anabolic hormones, directly combating one of the main side effects of ageing. No matter what your age you can still progress, get fitter, stronger and healthier, however those with an inactive lifestyle, will gradually degenerate.

Some other benefits Include:

  • Improving posture/ maintaining posture/ preventing future posture degeneration
  • Effective way to burn energy and increase your burn whilst resting for the next 48 hours
  • Prevent future fat storage by increasing your metabolism and increased probability of storing glycogen in muscles rather than fat cells.
  • Fighting osteoporosis. Your bones, like your muscles will adapt to the physical stress of weight lifting
  • Improve heart health by strengthening your heart and decreasing blood pressure.
  • Move easily and fluently. Most people won’t move their body through the range of motion it’s capable of and on the limited movements they do perform, the wrong muscles are being used. Weight training is like teaching your body how to move properly again whilst using the correct muscles.
  • Stabilize blood sugar and reduce risk of type 2 diabetes.
  • Prevent back pain. With strengthened core and glute muscles, comes a well supported back.
  • Superior balance. Whilst exercising functionally with resistance you will also increase the strength of your ‘stabilizer’ muscles. Handy for sports or simply just regaining confidence on your feet.


“But I don’t want big bulky muscles”. Don’t worry you won’t get big bulky muscles by accident, weight lifters with this objective have to consume ridiculous amounts of protein, take all sorts of supplements, lift in a specific manor 5-6 times a week and carry on with this for years and years to get big and bulky. The only aesthetic side effect of weight lifting is usually just a toned and lean body.

Also on a side note ,it has been widely known for a while now that exercise in general is good for your mental health, we have even written a blog ourselves about the reasons behind this. This latest research paper however is the first to link resistance training to overcoming depression. The review covered 33 clinical trials which included nearly 2000 participants. Interestingly people with the most severe depression often benefited the most. It’s also worth noting that people benefited from superior progress when training in supervised workouts. The researches argue that this exercise is good for everyone and also likely staves off depression so regular weight trainers may never see problems in this area.


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