It’s a proven fact that most people will push themselves harder if they exercise with somebody else. Classes generate great atmoshphere with popular music pushing you on or, in yoga classes, calming your mind! So whether you just fancy working up a sweat, or you’re new to exercise, classes are a great option AND the most sociable place to make new friends!

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About Our Exercise Classes

Our classes take place in air-conditioned studios and there’s a huge range of options to suit everyone, so have a browse below at what we offer and sign up now for a fun way to get fit. Classes are listed alphabetically from Aero Attack to all the way to Zumba with loads of great options in between! We also have 6am classes three times a week for the early birds, on Mondays Wednesdays and Fridays!

Aero Attack

A fantastic non-contact, hi-energy cardio workout using boxing and marshall arts moves, kicks, punches and blocks that will give you a fantastic workout. Great for fat-burning.


A fun, energetic and popular workout in water, suitable for all levels including those recovering from injuries. Aqua classes take place in our lovely, warm Spa Area.


A floor-based, toning class targeting specific muscles using small repetitive moves. These exercises really tone the thighs, bottom & tummy! Made famous in the 80’s (think Jane Fonda!), Callanetics continues to stand the test of time!


A fun class featuring a 10-minute high-energy cardio warm up followed by toning exercises using weights to tighten the body, finishing with a 10-minute floor section.

Circuit Training

A popular way of exercising in one minute bursts alternating high energy moves with strength and core exercises, using different weights and equipment to raise and lower the heart rate – and burn lots of calories!

Core Training

Using the popular Swiss balls, this workout provides focused stability training for your abs, obliques & back to improve your core strength.

Flex & Relax

A half hour session concentrating on intense stretching exercises to properly cool down and stretch out the muscles following strenuous exercise to prevent cramp, coupled with relaxation techniques.

Gym Fitness Class

A 45-minute supervised session in the gym using 20 different pieces of equipment in 2 minute bursts, followed by complimentary coffee and a catch up! This is an ideal way of learning how to use the gym equipment properly as well as providing a great way of meeting people!

Hot & Sweaty

High intensity, circuit-style workout using different pieces of equipment in the studio to raise the heart rate, burn fat and strengthen the body, in one minute intervals.


A fantastic high-energy body weight based exercise class that will vastly improve your stamina, your strength your body-shape and the tone of your limbs all set to some really inspirational motivating tracks. You’d be insane not to give it a go ….. but be warned it’s a real FULL-ON class!


An all-over-body, fat-loss programme using just a kettlebell (think cannonball with a handle). One minute exercises working the whole body including an abs section at the end, followed by stretching. Super effective & very popular! Suitable for all levels with the option to use light or heavy bells. This class is 45 minutes which whizzes by!

Kettlebell Bash

Using a combination of martial art moves with conventional kettlebell exercises to tone & strengthen the whole body. Builds fitness & stamina. Followed by a flexibility cool down.


Pump up your training with this powerful uplifting weights based class, which will increase your strength, boost your stamina and speed up your weight loss.


Concentrating on the core muscles – abs, obliques and back to strengthen the body and improve posture. Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness, a great way to get into shape gently.

Rebound & Tone

Researched and proven to be the most effective exercise programme out there! A fun, energetic workout on small trampolines endorsed by NASA no less! The benefits are endless!

Spin Classes

Fun, fast workout on stationary bikes which will encourage weightloss and build stamina on our super new bikes!

Step & Rebound

A fairly high intensity, non-impact class using steps and rebounders (mini trampolines) to increase CV fitness and stamina.

Workout with Weights

Tone and define the muscles using barbells and dumb bells (super popular with the girls). An alternative to the Free Weights room for those who want to tone up without building big muscles.


This is a more traditional yoga class following a specific set of yoga poses to relaxing music to increase flexibility, strength and balance. The more you do this class, the better your technique. Also helps to relieve stress and tension. Suitable for all ages and levels of fitness.


A class featuring a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Tai Chi moves. A faster paced class than traditional yoga.


A class consisting of yoga poses to stretch & balance the body to improve flexibility and strength, combined with pilates moves to tighten the core muscles.


If you love dancing you’ll love this ~ exciting, fun and very popular latino/salsa dance-based class. Persuade your friends to become members and share the fun with you.

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