Fancy websites and model pictures are one thing, but nothing beats visiting the place you’re contemplating exercising in; we love people to drop into Altered Images for a look around and experience the atmosphere for themselves.

AI Coffee cup[1]We believe it’s crucial to let people pop in, have a complimentary coffee?and chat (with no pressure) about how they would like to exercise and take a look around the health club; see our gym areas, class studios, pool area and changing rooms.

No Hard Sell

Unlike many clubs, we DON’T have dedicated sales staff so you won’t be pressured into signing up on the spot. The truth is, many people join us because they like what they see and feel comfortable with the way we look after our members so don’t be surprised to find yourself asking for a pen!

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Why not pop in for a coffee and chat and see how we can help with our supportive?5 Steps Programe. Simply?click here?to arrange a time to visit us or you?call us on?01527 874395?or?send us an email today to book a visit.

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